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Sebastian Kopsan

Backend Developer at SMS digital GmbH

Sebastian Kopsan, born in 1985, worked as a software developer in the research and development department at the SMS group. During the 12 years he found his passion for creating simple solutions for the everyday problems the engineers faced. This included the creation of easy-to-use tools to crawl huge data-amounts as well as employing modern software development tools to aid the process model development. His first contact with the automation of rolling mills was the conception and integration of a software that helps the operator to roll straight strips by offering a intuitive user interface to setup the roll alignment. In 2015 he joined the “industry 4.0” task-force of the SMS group and started working on a project to improve the alarm handling of existing automations. Sebastian joined the SMS digital in September to work on new digital products for the steel-making industry and continued his work on a user-centric approach to alarm handling there.


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