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Hans Peintinger

Managing Director at QuinLogic GmbH

Hans Peintinger is today one of the managing directors of QuinLogic GmbH responsible for sales & finance.  He is also one of the founders and shareholder of the company which started in 2007. Today the majority of QuinLogic shares are held by SMS a world leading German line builder. QuinLogic is meanwhile the market leader for quality assurance software solutions in steel and aluminum industry worldwide.

Hans Peintinger has gained a broad experience in metal industry and quality systems since working for a major surface inspection company for 8 years. Before he also worked 20 years for two major paper machine companies one in Germany and one in Finland.

One of Hans Peintinger’s core competences is the Industry 4.0 transformation process which is just starting in the rolling mills. It is initiated to fulfill the growing requirements of the customers referring to quality, performance and efficiency.

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