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Future Steel Forum 2017 – How Industry 4.0 will benefit steel production

Steel Times International magazine, which this year celebrates its 150th anniversary, is to organise a major steel conference to discuss the importance of Industry 4.0 and it’s role in steel production.

The inaugural Future Steel Forum will take place at the Sheraton Hotel, Warsaw, Poland (14-15 June 2017) and will hear from experts in the field of global digital manufacturing as well senior level technology representatives from or closely associated with the international steel industry.

Industry 4.0 – or ‘smart manufacturing’ as it is known in the USA – is a ground-breaking industrial philosophy often described as the fourth industrial revolution. It embraces a variety of different aspects of digitalisation, which form a digital manufacturing platform offering steelmakers greater control and greater efficiencies.

The steel industry – more so than any other manufacturing sector – is poised to capitalise on the key facets of Industry 4.0 (big data, the Internet of Things, cyber physical systems and cyber security) and transform the way steel is produced, stored and distributed.

The Future Steel Forum is a live discussion of the issues surrounding Industry 4.0 and will endeavour to cover all bases, including the all-important subject of cyber security and how to survive a cyber attack, the role of human beings in the factory of the future, and process safety and control.

A two-day event focused entirely on digital manufacturing and steelmaking, Future Steel Forum 2017 promises to bring together steelmakers, technology companies and digital manufacturing experts to discuss the future for steel production in the 21st Century.

For further information on the Future Steel Forum, log on to www.futuresteelforum.com or email Matthew Moggridge, Editor of Steel Times International on matthewmoggridge@quartzltd.com if you wish to present a paper at the conference.

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