Future Steel Forum

Applying Industry 4.0 to the steel industry

What is Industry 4.0 and how can it assist the global steel industry in its quest for greater efficiencies?

Future Steel Forum took place on 14-15 June at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, Poland. It was a live discussion focusing on the issues surrounding Industry 4.0 or ‘smart manufacturing’ and endeavoured to cover all bases, including the all-important subject of cyber security, the role of human beings in the factory of the future, how to survive a cyber attack and the all-important process safety and control.

Speakers from academia, the steel industry and the world of steel production technology explained the key concepts behind the digitalisation of steel manufacturing. 

The Future Steel Forum looked at how innovative technology can be brought together with the sole intention of revolutionising the way steel is made.

Future Steel Forum 2018 - Call for Abstracts

Matthew Moggridge, Programme Director, is accepting abstracts for 2018. 

Have something interesting to say? Want to contribute? Please get in touch with Matthew now.

Matthew Moggridge, Programme Director
Editor of Steel Times International
Email: matthewmoggridge@quartzltd.com
Telephone:+44(0)1737 855 151

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"The goal of Industry 4.0 is the digital penetration of industrial business fields in order to improve the efficiency of production processes. People, machines and manufactured parts that are involved in this process all become interlinked. An additional factor apart from this interconnection is artificial intelligence. This allows intelligent networks to be created within which machines will learn and optimise themselves in the future. Humans participate in these networks. This allows them to access information about their machines and parts regardless of time and location, assess situations, and intervene where necessary." 

Dr Hohnhaus, Bystronic.

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